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Il filo
di Silvana

Il Filo di Silvana has been operating in the yarn market since 1988, at first as a third party supplier and then as a direct reference point for the textile industry. We take care of every single step of the working process, from purchasing and processing raw yarn, up to trading cone yarns. Our distinguishing added value? A great logistic organization for our yarn stock service.

Our strengths

Yarn stock

A warehouse always supplied with yarns of different colors and types.

Shipping in
24/48 hours

Prompt order processing

Excellent value
for money

Efficient staff and American-style organization

Yarn manufacturing

Our products

Il Filo di Silvana has a large warehouse of cotton and mixed yarns, reactive dyes, dyed cone yarns, mercerized yarns, stretch and non-stretch yarns.We offer yarn stock service to meet both weaving and knitwear factories’ needs,with specific color charts for each one of our items.

Yarn in stock service
Weaving yarns
Yarns for both circular and rectilinear knitting machines
Organic and regenerated yarns
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Organic cotton

Living up to the globalmarket requirements

Il Filo di Silvana pursues both ethical and sustainable goals by purchasing natural-fiber cotton from organic farming. We are a GOTS certified company.

Certified by ICEA

[GOTS 2018-094]

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